A weekend for the Bump

I had a very busy weekend which was pretty much all centred around my growing bump. First thing on Saturday I attended the Mumsnet’s Bumpfest which was a one-day event dedicated to all things birth and baby-related . I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and although I know I have a lot to learn about babies, I was a little bit dubious. This is because I have found that the minute you get pregnant you are swamped with information and I wasn’t sure how much more information I could take in. However, I thought it was a great event. The Mumsnet team did a fab job and it was a very relaxed affair.

I went on my own (as my husband has now had to desert me for the desert!) and although I was definitely outnumbered by couples and grandma’s with their daughters, it didn’t really matter. I attended a course on baby first aid by the British Red Cross which was great and I would recommend the free app they offer. I then went to a class on breastfeeding and a talk on getting your baby to sleep, both of which were very informative and interesting. This was followed by a scrummy and much needed lunch and then some reflexology and a little massage. All very much appreciated by both me and my bump. That said, notwithstanding all of the very informative sessions, overall (probably due to the fact that I am a Yorkshire girl) I appreciated the bulging goody bag of freebies at the end the most!

So all in all, it was very worthwhile. I am still of the view that however much information you are given and courses you attend, you just have to muddle through once you actually have a baby, but all advice (correction – most advice) is helpful. Even if it is advice which you decide to ultimately ignore!

Then on Sunday I went to a pregnancy Pilates class, again with some dubitation. However, I really enjoyed it, so much so that I have signed up for another 10 classes. I think this is mostly as a consequence of my guilt at having finally quit my gym!

Oh and on top of all of that I moved from North to South London to live with some friends for the next month or so whilst I prepare to join my husband in Dubai. Therefore I spent the remainder of the weekend packing and exploring a new part of London, which of course included several tea and cake stops (baby wanted cake!).


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