We’ve arrived!

Me and bump are now in Dubai! I still can’t believe it. I’m sat here looking out on our balcony and can see the Burj Al Arab and have spent the morning having a swim in the pool and a stroll on the beach.

Apart from a slight meltdown in the kids section of Harvey Niks in Dubai Mall (don’t ask, but at least I choose fancy places to have my meltdowns!) it has all been very exciting. It has also been pretty overwhelming but I think I’m getting there. I had my first doctors appointment at City Hospital and that went really well, I had a scan which I wasn’t expecting and saw little bubs again which is always amazing. I saw two doctors and have another scan in 4 weeks so bubs really is getting a lot of attention in private healthcare.

Getting used to being on maternity leave is also very strange. I constantly feel guilty for not being at work and so am finding it a bit difficult to relax. I’m sure I’ll get there soon. In the meantime I am keen to get out and about to explore and to meet some new people (especially other pregnant ladies). So I have joined a Pilates class and also plan to attend some coffee morning type events to meet new people.

This afternoon I will be exploring the Marina so I’ll let you know how that goes… hopefully no further meltdowns!


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