Incompetent me

All in all, last week was not a great week. It was pretty emotional for a number of reasons, not least because I started having random shooting pains around my cervix. It has got better in the last few days but after a mildly panicked call to my doctor I decided to bring forward my next scan so I didn’t have to endure a further week of stress. My doctor will be pleased to know I have already compiled a lengthy list of questions to ask him next week! I am hoping the pains are due to the fact that I have started to ‘pop’. I therefore now have a little tiny bump which is lovely.

Oh and my insomnia is back, yey (it was 1.45am when I originally drafted this post on my phone). Despite being shattered my brain has decided that bed time is the best time to think about absolutely everything and to obsess about everything that can go wrong with this pregnancy. Fun times. Thank God I can nap during the day. I am going to buy some Lavender for my new diffuser (an early birthday present) to see if that helps at all.

Well I’m now a few days into  week 16 and I’m determined to have a positive sunny outlook this week (hmmm we’ll se how long that lasts). I have quite a few things going on this week. And when I say quite a few things I mean about 4 things (wow life has changed!) but I only need one thing happening during the day to help make that day go faster. Then it’ll be Friday and I can tick another week off the calendar which is all that matters.

Thank God I had all those horrifically boring jobs (packing first aid kits, packing raw pork and other fun factory work) during university summers to ensure that I am well practised in day dreaming my day away.

A hubby made brekkie

A hubby made brekkie

To lighten up the end of this blog post, I should say I did have some great times this weekend. Ahead of celebrating our two year wedding anniversary on Monday I received some lovely flowers, had two tasty brekkies cooked for me, got all dressed up for a trip out to a restaurant on the beach with a stunning view and had a fabulous facial. So the weekend has certainly made up for the proceeding week and explains my positive sunny outlook right now.

A nice view at dinner

A nice view at dinner


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