Food is important, knowledge is key

Monday was our 2nd wedding anniversary and great minds obviously think alike as for our gifts (following the rule that for the 2nd anniversary you buy something made of cotton) we both bought each other striped beach towels. Very random.


I had an extra gift wrapped in my beach towel though, a brand spanking new Mac Pro! Whoop! So now if I manage to pop to Starbucks next door for a cheeky little decaf latte I can take my Mac down and look like one of those professional blogger types. 


I had my weekly Baker & Spice salad yesterday, this time I had it to take away. I love their salads and I can feel all smug after I eat there as it’s always so healthy and fresh which is so more important whilst pregnant. That said, don’t get me wrong, I also recognise the importance of chocolate and carbs whilst pregnant.


Continuing on the food theme (I talk about food a lot!), we enjoyed a scrummy steak and jacket potato to celebrate our anniversary last night and opened one of the bottles of red which we got for our wedding. I allowed myself a small glass and it was amazing, my husband polished off the rest.


So, today my achievements include making my first ever cushion cover on the sewing machine and sorting out my website and Twitter account (@somanymumblings). I am pretty chuffed with the cushion cover which I made by following some instructions online and also watching a short YouTube video. It’s a bit wonky if you look closely but I’m chuffed non the less!


If I can stay awake late enough this evening I plan to join the KeepEmCooking live chat forum who are meeting at 2pm US Eastern time, which is either 9 or 10pm, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. I sent a Twitter link today about a great article by KeemEmCookin, here it is again. In fact theres lots of info on their ‘Educate Yourself’ page. If you’ve read some of my older posts, you’ll see that I did a huge amount of research on the medical options available to me when I became pregnant again. It is a minefield and there is a lot of contradicting advice out there. In a situation where you are totally powerless, educating yourself and getting as much information as possible so that you can make the best decision for you (and don’t forget everyone is different) is the only thing you can do to try to regain a little control.

As a final note, bubs has been keeping me going when I am feeling low by giving me the occasional kick in the ribs. Little bugger! x

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