It’s been a little while since I last did a weekly update. I’ve actually been busy! Well my new  version of busy. My house became a mini sweat shop last week when I decided to get on with making curtains and some more cushions. Also the full set of Harry Potter movies was on tele during the course of the week so obviously I watched them all and that killed a good few hours each day for almost a week!

I also find that the vortex of the internet often sucks me in and steals my time. I start off googling something (Dr Google is bad but addictive!) and it leads me to so many different articles etc. and before I know it 2-3 hours have passed. I did discover Mumsnet Classics the other day on my Mumsnet app and when insomnia struck and I spent a good hour or so reading over some of the posts. They’re worth a look and are so random but pretty funny.

So here are my sewing achievements for the week. I will put some tutorials on the sewing section of my website (if I manage to find the time in my super busy schedule!).




Pillows and matching bunting

Pillows and matching bunting



I have been trying to work on my website a bit more too and put together a list of 5 things to think about when having a baby in Dubai and I plan to do a post about 5 (or more) things to do whilst on bed rest.

We’ve also entered a Summer Come Dine With Me competition in Dubai and we had our first dinner the other night which was school dinner themed and it was scrummy and a lot of fun. Me and bump managed to stay up until almost 3am, very impressive (I did sleep most of the day in preparation though!). It will be our turn to host towards the end of July so I am thinking of theme ideas, I think we have one I just need to finalise the menu. My husband will be doing all of the cooking and leg work as I’ll  be 25 weeks by then and so will need to be taking it very easy and have my feet up.

We had our 20 week morphology scan the other day and it all went well which was a big relief. It’s been a fairly drama free couple of weeks and we’re hoping that continues as we get further into the second trimester.  I’ve never wished away time as much as I have been doing recently but I am trying to continue to be positive and to keep my mind busy. I still need to start my online French course and its getting embarrassing now as people keep asking me how its going – I will make it my mission to get myself signed up before my next blog!


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