It’s been a while…

My wordpress and website licence have had to be renewed twice since the last time I actually wrote a blog. So I guess it’s about time I write something! I’m currently taking advantage of Heathrow’s WiFi access so I have to be quick!

There is so little spare time these days for two lovely reasons and it’s been two licence renewals, a couple of birthdays, a new job and another child since my last blog so it’s officially time to break the seal and write a few words.

So now, what to write about?

This blog began in 2014 as a blog about our move to Dubai and baby George that we had only very recently discovered had taken up residence in my tummy. It then took an unexpected turn when George arrived too early and after only two brief but life changing weeks with us, passed away. Then it became a blog about dealing with his loss and trying to get through another pregnancy after losing George. The high risk status, the incessant bed rest, the box sets, the drugs, the medical interventions, the cervical stitch, the incompetent cervix, the stress and uncertainty and finally the arrival of tiny Henry at 34 weeks into my pregnancy.

Since then, we have been lucky enough to have another healthy baby, this time born at 38 weeks (never imagined this was possible). Life has been wonderfully chaotic since then, little people, work and (occasional) play, have taken over our busy lives.

So whenever I think about a blog, I wonder what I should say, is this a blog about losing a child, gaining two children, or about something different all together? I think the answer is, all of the above. I’m hoping to blog a bit more frequently (and not have to escape the country solo on a flight to do so!).

So there it is, I’ve broken the seal. Until next time! X

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