We’ve arrived!

Me and bump are now in Dubai! I still can’t believe it. I’m sat here looking out on our balcony and can see the Burj Al Arab and have spent the morning having a swim in the pool and a stroll on the beach.

Apart from a slight meltdown in the kids section of Harvey Niks in Dubai Mall (don’t ask, but at least I choose fancy places to have my meltdowns!) it has all been very exciting. It has also been pretty overwhelming but I think I’m getting there. I had my first doctors appointment at City Hospital and that went really well, I had a scan which I wasn’t expecting and saw little bubs again which is always amazing. I saw two doctors and have another scan in 4 weeks so bubs really is getting a lot of attention in private healthcare.

Getting used to being on maternity leave is also very strange. I constantly feel guilty for not being at work and so am finding it a bit difficult to relax. I’m sure I’ll get there soon. In the meantime I am keen to get out and about to explore and to meet some new people (especially other pregnant ladies). So I have joined a Pilates class and also plan to attend some coffee morning type events to meet new people.

This afternoon I will be exploring the Marina so I’ll let you know how that goes… hopefully no further meltdowns!


It’s almost time for the Bubs to move to Dubs….

In one week’s time I will be so incredibly excited as I will be moving to Dubai to join my husband. I will be starting my maternity leave early and am so pleased that I am as I am very much looking forward to getting settled in Dubai and having some ‘me’ time. I keep getting told by all of the mothers that I meet that I should enjoy every minute of the pre bubs time before all hell breaks loose and I plan to follow their advice.

So the first of two adventures is about to begin. I am starting to make a few contacts in Dubai, mainly mums or mums to be. Mumsnet has been particularly useful and through it I have made contact with some Dubai mums and have also been advised on things that I was worried about, e.g. how to navigate the private health system etc.

I certainly have a lot to figure out but I am suitably armed with lists (I do love lists) and Google (which as we all know has a wealth of knowledge but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start with the search results).

I have decided to give myself the first few days ‘off’ and then I will start house hunting, car hunting, baby stuff hunting etc. etc. Lots of hunting.

I am thinking that my first baby stuff purchase will be the Stokke MyCarrier Cool as it is made from breathable material apparently, which I can only think is a good thing in Dubai as I really don’t fancy having bubs stuck to me in a big sweaty mess. Decisions decisions!


A weekend for the Bump

I had a very busy weekend which was pretty much all centred around my growing bump. First thing on Saturday I attended the Mumsnet’s Bumpfest which was a one-day event dedicated to all things birth and baby-related . I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and although I know I have a lot to learn about babies, I was a little bit dubious. This is because I have found that the minute you get pregnant you are swamped with information and I wasn’t sure how much more information I could take in. However, I thought it was a great event. The Mumsnet team did a fab job and it was a very relaxed affair.

I went on my own (as my husband has now had to desert me for the desert!) and although I was definitely outnumbered by couples and grandma’s with their daughters, it didn’t really matter. I attended a course on baby first aid by the British Red Cross which was great and I would recommend the free app they offer. I then went to a class on breastfeeding and a talk on getting your baby to sleep, both of which were very informative and interesting. This was followed by a scrummy and much needed lunch and then some reflexology and a little massage. All very much appreciated by both me and my bump. That said, notwithstanding all of the very informative sessions, overall (probably due to the fact that I am a Yorkshire girl) I appreciated the bulging goody bag of freebies at the end the most!

So all in all, it was very worthwhile. I am still of the view that however much information you are given and courses you attend, you just have to muddle through once you actually have a baby, but all advice (correction – most advice) is helpful. Even if it is advice which you decide to ultimately ignore!

Then on Sunday I went to a pregnancy Pilates class, again with some dubitation. However, I really enjoyed it, so much so that I have signed up for another 10 classes. I think this is mostly as a consequence of my guilt at having finally quit my gym!

Oh and on top of all of that I moved from North to South London to live with some friends for the next month or so whilst I prepare to join my husband in Dubai. Therefore I spent the remainder of the weekend packing and exploring a new part of London, which of course included several tea and cake stops (baby wanted cake!).


Dubs Bubs

Today was the day I feel like we have been waiting for ages, it was our 12 week scan. Even though we had a cheeky early private scan at 9 weeks, in my head 12 weeks has always been the big milestone. So after drinking a ridiculous amount of water I met my husband at the hospital and nervously waited for our scan (whilst very tightly crossing my legs!). It all went very well and we managed to get a nice little picture, despite Baby D hiding away and curling up into a ball. It still feels very unreal but i’m so pleased we can tell people now.

In other news, I will be spending my maternity leave in Dubai! As you might imagine, I’ve felt like I have been in a very surreal whirlwind over the last few months. Basically, we found out about Baby D on a Monday and then found out on the Friday that my husband had secured a great job opportunity in Dubai. A double whammy! So we are off! My husband will be moving soon and I will go towards the end of November. I’m very excited but also apprehensive about moving at such a big time in our lives. I plan to join antenatal classes, including yoga and go to various coffee mornings etc. in order to try to meet as many pregnant ladies and new mums over there. I have a lot to figure out but it all seems do-able at the moment. So in summary, we’re having a Dubs Bubs!

photo (6)

Our little Dubs Bubs xxx



My first post

Today I am having a massively lazy day. Although I am experiencing that ‘tomorrow is Monday’ guilt that I should be doing something more productive with my weekend, I am actually really enjoying it. I am still in my pj’s and only half an hour ago, at 4pm, I graduated from my bed to the couch.  So my very lazy Sunday has promoted me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Start a blog. I have often wondered what I would blog about and some recent, very happy news made my decision for me. About two weeks ago I found out that I am pregnant with our first baby. Me and my husband are over the moon. I couldn’t be happier but also have a fair bit of anxiety. I am only just about 6 weeks pregnant and I am worried about all the normal things newly pregnant women worry about. So I figure this blog can be my release.

It took me a few moments to decide on a suitable name and ‘Mum-blings’ seemed ideal. This blog will include all of my mumblings and will be very much based on ‘Mum’ things. The ‘blings’ bit just adds a little bit of glamour. I expect I will need the ‘blings’ bit the more I progress through my pregnancy as even at this stage I feel like a big bloated mess.

As I have never blogged before I was worried about privacy as at this stage very few people know that I’m pregnant.  This blog asked me whether I wanted to link it to my Facebook or Twitter. No! Even though I chose the no option I am still paranoid that I’m about to get outed accidentally.

I’m not sure how you end a blog but I’m going to finish this post here so I can work on making my blog look pretty as per the ‘bling’ requirement mentioned above.