Being pregnant in Dubai

I moved to Dubai when I was 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby. It was quite overwhelming. I felt confident that I knew how things worked in the UK baby-wise and moving meant I would lose that familiarity. A lot of questions went through my mind:

Where should I give birth?
Would my husband be allowed in the delivery room with me?
How does insurance work?
Can I buy all the baby things that I would want to buy in the UK?
Will it be too hot for a baby in summer?
Will I be able to breast-feed in public?

I think some of my family and friends were quite shocked when we said I’d be having our baby in Dubai. Maybe they imagined me giving birth in the middle of the desert in a tent! In truth, Dubai has everything you need and possibly more.

Please click on the picture links below to learn more……(and please keep popping back or follow me on twitter as I will keep updating this section).

2 thoughts on “Being pregnant in Dubai

  1. Mona Alzahabi says:

    Oh my! Being pregnant here in Dubai is a good experience. Good luck to you and your pregnancy journey. If you need great doctors for your check up, my doctors at Marina Medical Centre may be of help. Cheers


  2. Nicole Williams says:

    I have heard of this advises from people at work and some doctors at Marina Medical Center. Now im thinking.


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