Pregnancy & Bed rest

As explained on my ‘About Me’ page , I am on modified bed rest and may be put on stricter bed rest over the next few months. And yes, when I was working full time and leading a busy life, I used to love ‘wasting’ a Sunday watching rubbish films and generally doing very little. However,  I can assure you, bed rest for a prolonged period of time is not easy.  If someone could guarantee to me that I would have a healthy full term baby at the end of this, maybe bed rest would be easier (and maybe even relaxing) but in reality bed rest is boring and stressful in these circumstances.

So have I convinced you bed rest isn’t as much fun as it is cracked up to be? Probably not. Well, I intend to keep my mind as occupied as possible whilst on bed rest and to make the best of it. As I have detailed in one of my  blog posts, I have had some ideas. Please click below for more details and follow my blog for my general bed rest mum-blings.

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