Dubs Bubs

Today was the day I feel like we have been waiting for ages, it was our 12 week scan. Even though we had a cheeky early private scan at 9 weeks, in my head 12 weeks has always been the big milestone. So after drinking a ridiculous amount of water I met my husband at the hospital and nervously waited for our scan (whilst very tightly crossing my legs!). It all went very well and we managed to get a nice little picture, despite Baby D hiding away and curling up into a ball. It still feels very unreal but i’m so pleased we can tell people now.

In other news, I will be spending my maternity leave in Dubai! As you might imagine, I’ve felt like I have been in a very surreal whirlwind over the last few months. Basically, we found out about Baby D on a Monday and then found out on the Friday that my husband had secured a great job opportunity in Dubai. A double whammy! So we are off! My husband will be moving soon and I will go towards the end of November. I’m very excited but also apprehensive about moving at such a big time in our lives. I plan to join antenatal classes, including yoga and go to various coffee mornings etc. in order to try to meet as many pregnant ladies and new mums over there. I have a lot to figure out but it all seems do-able at the moment. So in summary, we’re having a Dubs Bubs!

photo (6)

Our little Dubs Bubs xxx



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