It’s almost time for the Bubs to move to Dubs….

In one week’s time I will be so incredibly excited as I will be moving to Dubai to join my husband. I will be starting my maternity leave early and am so pleased that I am as I am very much looking forward to getting settled in Dubai and having some ‘me’ time. I keep getting told by all of the mothers that I meet that I should enjoy every minute of the pre bubs time before all hell breaks loose and I plan to follow their advice.

So the first of two adventures is about to begin. I am starting to make a few contacts in Dubai, mainly mums or mums to be. Mumsnet has been particularly useful and through it I have made contact with some Dubai mums and have also been advised on things that I was worried about, e.g. how to navigate the private health system etc.

I certainly have a lot to figure out but I am suitably armed with lists (I do love lists) and Google (which as we all know has a wealth of knowledge but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start with the search results).

I have decided to give myself the first few days ‘off’ and then I will start house hunting, car hunting, baby stuff hunting etc. etc. Lots of hunting.

I am thinking that my first baby stuff purchase will be the Stokke MyCarrier Cool as it is made from breathable material apparently, which I can only think is a good thing in Dubai as I really don’t fancy having bubs stuck to me in a big sweaty mess. Decisions decisions!


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